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What is Shamanic Healing

Shamans are Free!

What is Shamanic Healing?

What is shamanic healing? What is quantum-theta healing? What is energy healing?

In some ways, these are esoteric subjects that can be defined at least 100 different ways. Or 1,000. These topics are new, and at the same time, thousands of years old.

Shamans can help lift veils and allow us to see the lines of the universe. How things are connected, and how we can use the power of our minds. They can connect us with the sacred, with ritual, and tribal consciousness.

All shamans are healers, and all healing is somewhat shamanic in nature in that it usually goes beyond our understanding why some people heal and live, and others cannot and die. Our faith tells us that there is a larger meaning for what happens to us in our lives beyond just chance. Perhaps the soul lives past the body’s life, and transmutes, becomes one with the cosmos, becomes part of the Universal Intelligence. The shaman tells us that this is so, and uses shamanic healing techniques to connect a person with this cosmic energy and allow them to experience and then recognize and know it. The shaman, like the guru from a different culture tells us to look inside for the answers, and to also look around at nature and our surroundings for symbols, messages and insight into universal truths.

Here’s an example of shamanic healing healing. You have a sharp, chronic pain in your back that you’ve had for years. You’ve gone to chiropractors, massage therapists and doctors to find out what is causing it, and so far have only experienced temporary if any relief. You have a shamanic healing session. You remember a past lifetime when you were stabbed in the back. Or, you remember falling when you were five and striking your back on a sharp rock. You release the sadness, the shame, the guilt, the anger or whatever the emotion you were holding Levitra onto, through laughing, crying or some kind of self-realization or new insight, and a healing takes place. You never feel that pain again. This is what is known as catharsis. This is what Deepak Choprah has noted preceded all the cases ever witnessed of spontaneous remission or instantaneous healing. Emotional release and shamanic healing are inexorably connected in this way.

Here’s another example of shamanic healing. You’re walking down the path of a known power spot location, such as the Mayan pyramids at Chitzan Itza in Mexico. All of a sudden you feel a zap of energy hit you, and it feels like your hands are exploding with healing energy. From that time on, you know you have the ability to heal with your hands. These inexplicable events are explicable in the shamanic world. In this world, we go beyond our five senses to understand ourselves, and then come back and share the journey. The shaman isn’t looking for followers, but will takeĀ  teacher/student relationships. He or she facilitates the experience for you, and then, you’ll understand. The shamanic healing itself is a teaching as well as a healing, bringing new understanding of energy, how you affect and are affected by it. This teaching is a necessary part of moving forward on your path of personal and spiritual evolution.

The shaman is an artist. He or she uses art to connect with the sacred. The shamanic healer helps people get in touch with their own innate creativity and spirituality. The shaman is free. You won’t find them to be entangled in any way. They prize their freedom above all else. It’s part and parcel of their spiritual practice. By definition, the shaman is artist, healer and musician. These creative endeavors leading them toward the emotional and spiritual context that is bliss. They teach that this connection with the sacred energy is to be found all around us, all the time.

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