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Empowering the Practitioner Training

Go to the Deepest Levels of Your Spiritual Process.

Dear Friends,

I highly recommend the upcoming Practitioner Training to anyone who wishes to become more clear and connected to their love and personal and spiritual well-being. Regardless of whether or not you choose to practice the work professionally, please join me for this upcoming event – a completely empowering and engaging experience that will take you to the next level of your personal transformational process.

In addition to this news website clearing lifetimes of karma, repressed emotional energy, grief, fears, anxiety, and depression the healing that occurs is both planetary and multi-dimensional, and occurs at the quantum-theta level, through Matrix Energetics, Cranial Release, The Yuen Method, Chinese Medical Qigong Self-healing, various shamanic techniques, and techniques of the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork.

The shakti that comes through this workshop clears and opens the heart and other chakras to bring a person to new levels of creativity, emotional expression and deep personal empowerment.

Participants left with the sense that there is levitra clinical data nothing left to seek, and nothing broken that needs to be fixed. A profound sense of well-being comes in, and a deep sense that you can never again be knocked off your center, without quickly finding your way back with powerful mantras, energetic clarity, and a deep and established connection to your intuition and inherent sense of self-worth and self esteem.

This workshop has been designed to meet the challenges of these times. It is about coming into the true relationship with the Present Moment, and establishing a working relationship with the true nature of reality so that one can achieve unconditional happiness now. The information that comes through this workshop is a true dharma teaching and it will inspire, enliven, awaken and entertain you.

Learn how to live fearlessly in a world full of sound-bytes. Release the pain body of past enneagram, and free up an immense reservoir of energy that one experiences as health, radiance, prosperity, joy and enthusiasm for life!

Love, Jim