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James Hyman’s Shamanic Transformational Breathworkshop

James Hyman’s Shamanic Transformational Breathworkshop

with original music by composer, James Hyman to help you journey.

This is a powerful healing process that brings participants to the frequency of WHOLENESS AND HEALING.

  • Open mouth connected breathing, emotionally evocative music, and other Shamanic techniques take you on a journey
The essence of Transformational Shamanic Breathwork is individual shamanic experience and energetic healing. The music is selected to raise the frequency of energy and open pathways to higher dimensions and higher frequencies of vibration.
The breath oxygenates the body, bringing about a highly oxygenated state, which helps to bring about a feeling of ECSTASY. Shamanic Techniques open blocked energy, and encourage energy to move more freely through the body with the breath
Join James Hyman for a transcendent evening experience!The essence of this workshop is an individual experience of higher consciousness, shamanic vision, healing, and the Universal experience of Bliss! 

This evening promises to be a profound, unique and exquisite experience of hearing music in a new way – with your whole Being, fully in the present moment!James’ original shamanic music is designed to raise the frequency of vibration and to activate the genetic and cellular memory our bodies hold of our shared shamanic heritage and unconditional joy!

James’ powerful shamanic techniques, affirmations, and original shamanic music take you on a profound and help open the gateways to exciting shamanic journey. 

As the body is flooded with healing oxygen, blocked energy is released, energy begins to move freely through the body with the breath. Shamanic vision, emotional release, and spontaneous healing are commonly experienced!