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Shamanic Breathwork, Qigong, Deep Emotional Release

Powerful, Experiential, Healing, Workshopjimsmile
Level 1 Practitioner Training

Shamanic Transformational Breathwork, Self-Healing Qigong, and Quantum-Theta Deep Emotional Release ($175/day/$225 both days)

Sat.- Sun. May 7-8, 9:30-5:30

Go to the Core of Your Emotional Issues
Identify and Energetically Experience your highest potential
Experience new dimensions and higher states of consciousness

Join James Hyman, founder of Quantum-Theta Deep Emotional Release, Qigong Master and Shamanic Healer for a one or two day experience of moving energy and having direct physical, emotional and spiritual experiences of your own awakened state.

Learning and experiencing techniques of Emotional Release, Shamanic Transformational Breathwork, and Self-Healing Qigong in this powerful workshop experience helps you open up and release blocked energy, and keep that energy moving ongoingly, now, and for the rest of your life. These powerful techniques are used by shamans and healers to access higher frequencies of energy, gain new insight, achieve balance, clarity, healing, personal empowerment, and spiritual evolution.James-Hymans-Qigong-Training-at-Grace-Grove2-300x225

For more information or to register, call Barbara, (323) 684-1899, or James Hyman, (805) 302-8448, or email,
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