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Deep Emotional Release

Learn & Experience Deep Emotional Release Bodywork

Shamanic Energy Healer announces Practitioner Training and Private Sessions! Next Practitioner Training, Washington, D.C., April 22nd – 24th, 2011


James Hyman, shamanic energy healer, founder of the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork & Quantum-Theta Healing is offering in person, phone, and SKYPE sessions to anyone who is interested in quickly moving forward in their life, and letting go of negative patterns and blocked energy from the past.

Deep Emotional Release Bodywork works with the body and the subconscious mind simultaneously to identify and release negative pattern and blocked energy that is keeping you stuck in unwanted negative patterns of thought and behavior. After the release of the blocked energy, a person feels lighter, and less encumbered by negative thoughts and negative emotions. They feel more grounded, optimistic and creative, with more physical, mental and spiritual energy.

Due to the Quantum nature of the work, and the energetic frequencies that are being imparted, this work is equally effective in phone and skype sessions. Although there is a physical aspect to the work, and definitely it’s worth meeting with James in person when possible, 80-90% of the session results can be achieved in a private session in the virtual world.

James also offers Practitioner Trainings, with one coming up next weekend in St. Louis, and one coming up the weekend after that in Miami Beach. These are powerful healing weekends, where you learn techniques of the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork as you’re doing your own powerful healing.

Releasing blocked energy, clearing and balancing the chakras, identifying and releasing negative subconscious patterns, and accessing and healing negative patterns in the quantum-theta field, is more than just healing. It helps you move forward and become more empowered, grounded and connected to every part of your life.

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to work one-on-one with a gifted healer!

James will be in Los Angeles offering Private Sessions through April 18thth.

Learn techniques of the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and experience your own deep healing in the Practitioner Trainings.

As you know, emotional healing is a necessary part of any healing program, and James Hyman is an expert in this field of shamanic healing. He has helped literally thousands to raise their frequency of energy, and experience what their lives would look and feel like if there were no limitations. He helps them to have a DIRECT, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE OF BLISS!!!

This experience will then activate your energetic frequencies, clear and align the energy of your body to the quantum-theta field, bringing in a profound sense of well-being and lightness, while at the same time helping you feel more connected to your life, your love, your creativity and relationships, and your spiritual path.

The detox and cleanse of the body along with detoxing the emotional energy field is another necessary component of the healing process. To this end, James Hyman, along with numerous other wonderful healers, are coming together in Sedona, to offer an Detox Retreat and Kidney Cleanse, April 6-10 at the Grace Grove Retreat Center in Sedona.

For more information, and to subscribe:
http:// www.emotionalrelease.com

James Hyman Deep Emotional Release Bodywork:

Releases blocked energy from the body and subconscious mind associated with past trauma and negative patterns from the past, activating the cellular memory for perfect health, peace and well-being. He’s an expert in wellness, personal & spiritual growth.