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Deep Emotional Release and Quantum-Theta Healing Practitioner Training at Sweet, Sacred, Secure, Healing Private Geo-Thermal Waters Resort Hotel in Central Mexico

Jimmy_working_groupCalling all healers, and those who wish to be healers! Bring 5 and come FREE!

We’re going to a peaceful, sleepy, secure hot springs resort in Central Mexico where James will teach every morning and evening a Deep Emotional Release and Quantum-Theta Healing Practitioner Training.

The soaking is free, food, organic, air, clean. SaturdayNov. 9th – Saturday, Nov. 16th, 2013.  As we look up at the star-filled sky of the Southern Hemisphere, we’ll be able to see the spectacular, Comet Ison, currently approaching earth from the south, brighter than the moon in the sky.

Wow ! Can anyone attend this training ? Sounds awesome Barbara..

yep! Essentially, it’s $750 to attend the training, and then, each person pays their own expenses! We want as many people as possible to come, so, healers who refer 5 people, can come free!James-Hymans-Qigong-Training-at-Grace-Grove2-300x225

The place that I found to hold he event is amazing! It took me 3 days of solid research to find it, and it’s an all mineral geo-thermal resort! That means, the water in your bathtub, as well as the water in the Water Slide, all the mineral and swimming pools at the hotel are all fed by viagra suppliers in the uk this amazing, healing, geo-thermal mineral water.

In the cool, clear evenings, we’ll be soaking in the healing waters, looking up at the night sky, to get the clearest view of Comet ISON as it approaches Earth from the Southern Hemisphere.


Friday NOVEMBER 8TH – NOVEMBER 16TH, 2013, $750 (plus expenses)
Sleepy, safe, secure, geo-thermal hot springs resort. Children 16 and under, FREE!

In BEAUTIFUL Central Mexico, in the State of Guanajuato.

Of course, we need plenty of time to explore nature, meditate, process, be with our loved ones, and soak in the amazing waters. But, in the mornings and evenings, James will be offering classes to train both Advanced Practitioners and New Students in ALL ASPECTS of Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta Healing. (Those who have  already trained with James may come free, if they bring 5 of their students, clients, family members or friends).

Working with James in Private Sessions and workshops in this relaxed, informal setting, is a great way to absorb the material, and take it to the highest possible dynamic with the group energy, and with the high frequency energy provided by nature, the soft earth, peace, and clean air and food.


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