Transformational Healing through Deep Emotional Release

James_Hyman_brochure_photoIdentify and release the negative subconscious patterns and blocked energy that are obstructing you from experiencing inner peace, emotional well-being, and your natural state of happiness and bliss.

In Private Sessions with James, through deep, cathartic emotional release, you are able to go to the core of your emotional issues and identify and spontaneously release whatever is keeping you blocked from experiencing the natural free flowing energy of your internal energy system, and your natural state of connection to your intuition and spiritual energy. Many people, in their first or second session, connect to and experience their natural state of bliss, creativity, unaffected personal empowerment, and profound sense of well-being. The experience of this energetic frequency of your own divinity and unlimited personal power is for most people, life-changing.

After releasing blocked energy in the body and negative patterns from the subconscious mind, James helps you to connect with expanded awareness and higher states of consciousness to achieve new insight and a higher frequency of vibration, giving you the natural ability to attract your vision for your life.

In person, or telephone sessions with Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum Healing are very effective in helping you to deal more powerfully and contentedly with the everyday pressures of life.

When your session is over you will be better able to access energetic frequencies and higher states of consciousness at will. You see your life moving forward in the powerful, positive direction that you set forth during your session!

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